Nex Gen Sports

Nex-Gen is a factory /designer to consumer (F/D-2-C) multi-sports equipment brand platform where consumers can buy exclusive products directly from the designer and factory that manufactures that product. The website

Handlebar designs

Ryde Style designed graphic designs for various Reverse Components handlebars.

Ribble R872 design

In 2014 Ryde Style designed the Ribble R872 frame. This model was sold from 2015 to 2018. The aim was an affordable frame, with modern design. Lightweight and stiff where

Mini Mix

Mini Mix is a supplier of balance bikes. They ship out their great balance bikes worldwide.

JRD Cycling

The Canadian/Chinese JRD Cycling asked us to design a website with their product portfolio a their ordering process clearly shown. Besides the website Ryde Style has designed and rendered the

Amslod bicycles 2016/2017

The colours, styling and decals of a bicycle frame are bevommign more and more important. Colours and graphics determine whether a frame looks cool. For the year 2016/2017 Ryde Style

AGU winter apparel

We have designed various summer clothing items for the Dutch cycling brand AGU. Long sleeves jerseys, softshells, tights, gloves and shoecovers.

AGU summer apparel

We have designed various summer clothing items for the Dutch cycling brand AGU. Short-sleeved shirts, MTB shorts as well as gloves and helmets.

Bert de Vries Fietsen

Bert de Vries Fietsen is een fietsenwinkel in Aalsmeer. Bert heeft een kleine, gezellige fietsenwinkel en voert de o.a merken Cortina, RIH en MultiCycle. De website was achterhaald en sloot


Graphic design for the Reverse Components packagings.

Bicycle frame 2.0

For one of the best carbon bicycle factories in Asia, we have designed the roadbike of the future. Innovative features and a twin beam stem and seatpost makes this bicycle

Solid Strike 2017

The frame of the Solid Strike 2017 has been updated and improved. So it was also time for a graphic update. Improved logo, fresh look and frame masking makes this

Abel Tasman Canyons 2.0

Abel Tasman Canyons was founded in 2012 and is already one of the best activities in New Zealand. In 2012 Ryde Style designed all digital communications. In 2016 it was

Design Your Own

AGU makes it possible to design your own cycling apparel. With the DESIGN YOUR OWN collection you can start your season in an unique design fast and easy. Ryde Style


We recently designed a tri-fold brochure for the Dutch hand-made bicycle wheel brand Wheeltec. We also designed a 4x5m tradeshow banner.

Solid Strike

This downhill bike looks beautiful, even without any graphics or decals. We wanted the graphics not to be too dominant. Subtle graphics give this high-end downhill bike a nice stealthy

Leggera Group

The British-Taiwanese Leggera Group focuses on services for the bicycle industry. They are also a distributor of Metalfire fireplaces and Chateau Rouge tea in Asia. Ryde Style designed their logo,

Mijn Wijncursus

We have designed several logos and websites for the person behind The goad for this project was to create a more fresh and modern identity, to attract a younger

JRD Cycling

JRD Cycling asked us to design a compact brochure for their cycling clothing. In addition, we have taken care of the photography for the brochure.

R Tech

R-Tech designs and manufactures high-end CNC-machined bicycle parts. Matthias Reichmann of R-Tech has asked us to design a logo for R-Tech. The logo demands were: A bit of cycling movement,

Irwin Cycling

The Taiwanese bicycle wheel brand Irwin Cycling asked Ryde Style to design a responsive website in their corporate identity. The range of their bicycle wheels is clearly displayed. There is

Apparel Design

We design apparel for various brands, companies and institutions.  Sometimes completely from scratch and sometimes we design just an screenprint.

New Zealand Canyoning School

The New Zealand Canyoning School offers canyoning courses in New Zealand. The requested identity style was “formal” but with a hint of “outdoor activities”. The New Zealand Canyoning School itself

Backcounty Backpack

Backpack and beanie designs for Tribal Snow Tools. The backpack should be able to carry the Tribal Snow Tools designed Carver.

Bicycle Frames

From aluminium full suspension mountainbikes to full carbon award winning roadbikes, we have designed it all . We supply these bicycle frame design services to various bicycle brands worldwide. These

Museeuw Bicycles

We designed the bicycle styling and graphics of the complete Museeuw Bicycles collection. All decals are 1: 1 scale designed in the selected PMS colours. Frame colours are chosen from

Sander Tweewielers

Ryde Style was invited to make a quotation for Sander Tweewielers, together with two other design studio’s from Haarlem. We were given the project and we created a stunning looking

Amslod Bicycles

The new Dutch bicycle brand “Amslod” asked Ryde Style to do the styling of their electric bikes.

Abel Tasman Canyons

Want to have the day of your life? Then go on a canyoning trip with Abel Tasman Canyons in New Zealand. Abel Tasman Canyons was founded in 2012 and is

WeCreate Consulting

WeCreate Consulting is a consulting and project management firm that help you achieve your objectives regarding employability of your workforce. WeCreate Consulting was founded in 2012 and now has several

Dan Martin

Daniel Martin is a super talented and professional Irish cyclist. He was born in Britain but has since 2006 the Irish nationality. His agent, SEG International had organized an international

Tire Sealant

For have designed Tire Sealant labels for Pancho wheels  and Tune. Besides the packaging we also designed the bottle and cap for the “One Shot Sealant” Eurobike 2015 introduction

Enduro Stem

Design of aEnduro MTB stem.

Irwin precision

We have designed a website and brochure for the Taiwanese company Irwin Precision. Irwin Precision provides CAD design and engineering services and also has the ability to manufacture the products.

Loose Riders

This “special edition” Solid Strike is designed for Loose Riders. Loose Riders made a “sketch” of what the bike should look like. Ryde Style designed the 1: 1 scale decals